Dunedin Gymnastic Academy

Welcome to the Dunedin Gymnastic Academy (DGA). We are committed and passionate about children and movement and the long lasting benefits gym sports have on a person's life.

It is our mission to foster a positive and inclusive gymnastic community that promotes potential and success for all.

We have a fantastic team of qualified coaches delivering an array of programmes which all play a key role in the development of fundamental movement patterns including (spring, landing, rotation, balance, swing, static positions, locomotion and manipulation). Even the most difficult skills,(the ones that win Olympic medals) - are combinations of these basic movement patterns, and an infinite number of variations of the qualities of movement. If well developed early in life, these patterns will:

  • enhance sport participation and enjoyment
  • contribute to a healthy, active lifestyle
  • provide basic physical and motor capabilities that we can draw on for a lifetime
  • allow those with the interest and ability to achieve success at any step of the competitive or recreational ladder of their chosen sport.

The programmes we offer assist in developing total body strength, flexibility, coordination, fitness, power, kinaesthetic awareness, and very importantly self-confidence.

Remember, gymnastics is about "how the body moves" and therefore is the Foundation Sport for all physical activity and sports.

Enjoy browsing the site and learning about the many programmes we have on offer. Please email us on manager@dunedingymnastics.co.nz if there is anything more you would like to know.

Supporting DGA

DGA is registered with the charities commission and has charitable status; it also has donor status with the Inland Revenue Department. This means that when you make a donation to DGA, we can issue you with a receipt so that you can claim a tax credit.

Additionally, if your employer offers a “Payroll Giving Scheme” and they include us in it, you can donate to us straight from your pay and receive an immediate tax credit.

For any further questions please do not hesitate to email accounts@dunedingymnastics.co.nz