Drop In Casual Classes

Class option 1: Drop in Pre-School Class

DGA is very excited to offer a new class structure for Term 3- ideal for parents or caregivers who have a busier schedule but want to be able to take their children to gymnastics when it's most convenient for them.

Our Drop-In Tuesday Pre-School class is at our Vogel St gym and is from 9.30-10.30 am. We have a coach here at the gym the whole time to help guide you and your children through activities and the equipment.

It is $12 for the 1 hour class however you are welcome to arrive late, or leave early depending on when your child's naptime is. Please make sure you book your session before you arrive at the gym.

We ask that you please stay with your child the whole class to ensure their safety. 

Class option 2: Drop in Adults Tumble Class

We are excited to introduce our new Adults Tumble class for Term 4. It is only $12 a session for a 1.5 hour session, which is an amazing deal! You can commit causally to the classes that best suit you!

  • Thursday. 7:00-8:30 pm
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