Our Staff
Hayley Storey
WAG Lead Coach

Hayley, a full-time WAG Lead & Coach for DGA, is a qualified FIG Level 2 WAG Coach. Her incredible organisational skills, innovation and dedication to our gymnasts make her a valuable asset to our team. Hayley began with DGA in January 2021 having worked at Tri Star for nearly 7-years prior. She has a depth of experience from Pre Comp to Senior WAG and in her first 6-months in the role has helped facilitate one of DGA's most successful years at Gymnastics Nationals.  Adding another string to Hayley's bow is her Bachelor of Teaching (Primary Education). Hayley is passionate about Crossfit and this passion has brought a nice sense of diversity to our WAG programme. 

Alex Pearson
Parkour Lead Coach

Alex has been coaching either gymnastics or parkour for 25-years. He started out competing in Mens Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) and did so for 10 years whilst at school. He then later developed a passion for the more free-style form of gymnastics - Parkour.  He began the Parkour programme at DGA in 2012 with just 1 class of 6 students. The popularity of Parkour and Alex's programme has seen Parkour boom with DGA now running 12 classes with over 130 Parkour students. Alex is a father of two and outside of DGA works at Otago University.  

Sapphire Schwarz
GFA & PlayGYM Lead Coach

Sapphire has been a valued member of DGA for many years. As GFA (Gymnastics for All) Lead she steers our GYMfun and SportGYM programmes as well as our preschool programme - PlayGYM. Sapphire is an Elementary qualified Coach & Judge  and further enriching her skill set are her dance qualifications.  Her creative, fun and dynamic approach to coaching makes her a popular and well loved coach. Sapphire also coordinates our Holiday Programme. Outside of gymnastics she enjoys Cheerleading.

Carmel Leslie
Life Member & Club Mentor

Todd Gordon
Mandy Watkins
Mike Brummit