Our Staff
Hayley Storey
WAG Lead Coach

Hayley is a full-time WAG coach with FIG level 2 (senior coach) qualifications. Hayley started working at DGA in January 2021 after almost 7 years working at Tri-Star Gymnastics in Auckland. Her greatest coaching achievements are representing New Zealand as a coach on the STEP tour to Singapore, as well as having a STEP 9 National Champion and several apparatus medals at a National Level. Hayley's main goals for DGA are; to retain gymnasts, build a positive, supportive culture, and create a training environment where individuals can succeed to the best of their abilities.

Alex Pearson
Parkour Lead Coach

Alex has been coaching either gymnastics or parkour for 25-years. He started out competing in Mens Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) and did so for 10 years whilst at school. He then later developed a passion for the more free-style form of gymnastics - Parkour.  He began the Parkour programme at DGA in 2012 with just 1 class of 6 students. The popularity of Parkour and Alex's programme has seen Parkour boom with DGA now running 12 classes with over 130 Parkour students. Alex is a father of two and outside of DGA works at Otago University.  

Sapphire Schwarz
GFA & PlayGYM Lead Coach

Sapphire has been a valued member of DGA for many years. As GFA (Gymnastics for All) Lead she steers our GYMfun and SportGYM programmes as well as our preschool programme - PlayGYM. Sapphire is an Elementary qualified Coach & Judge  and further enriching her skill set are her dance qualifications.  Her creative, fun and dynamic approach to coaching makes her a popular and well loved coach. Sapphire also coordinates our Holiday Programme. Outside of gymnastics she enjoys Cheerleading.

Carmel Leslie
Life Member & Club Mentor

Todd Gordon
Mandy Watkins
Mike Brummit