Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)

Men’s gymnastics comprises of six apparatus:

Floor: showing skills of tumbling, stability and flexibility

Pommel: mainly uses upper body strength with swings

Rings: both static strength skills and swings

Vault: aerial skills

Parallel Bar: swings and upper body strength

High Bar: swings

Levels 1-3

Teaching the foundation skills required in competitive gymnastics. Each level thereafter progresses and builds on from the skills taught.  It is important not to rush the foundations skills as it can take twice as long to undo any poor techniques.  Coaches know when the child is ready to build the next technique/skill.

Levels 4-6

Using the foundation skill knowledge the gymnast has acquired to learn more complex and challenging skills/ techniques/routines.  Routines for competition are compulsory.  Boys compete during the year working towards competing at the Nationals.

Level 7-9

Complex and challenging skills/techniques.  Routines at these levels are optional based the difficulty of the skill, what the gymnast is able to achieve and how they link the skills.


Tight clothing is to be worn at training.  Preferably a unitard with shorts.  Otherwise tight clothing like Skins or polyprops.  This so the coach can see their shape and tightness of body.  Loose clothing gets tangled around of the bar or over their head in handstands.  Shorts that allow the boy to stretch properly without holding them back.