Adults Open Gym

Adults Open Gym

The gym is open to those 18yrs+ for casual use two evenings per week. This is a great opportunity to practice the skills and apparatus of your choice. Perfect for ex gymnasts, parkour/free runners, ski boarders, divers. 

A structured session will be run at the beginning for beginners or people interested in learning basic skills. This can include:

  • A Group warm-up & active stretches
  • Conditioning to develop upper body, core and lower body strength.
  • Plyometric/Jump training to increase speed and power.
  • Handstand/Body tension work which prepares the upper body for weightbearing and seriously strengthens at the same time.
  • Safe skill progressions for learning a variety of gymnastic/parkour and trampoline skills.

You are welcome to come along & participate in these classes on a casual basis you do not have to register online in advance.

Clothing: Please ensure you wear appropriate clothing trackpants, or tights (women) singlets, t.shirts hoodies that allow free movement. During winter months the gym can be cold so lots of layers are recommended. 

NO Jeans/pants with buckles or clasps that could get caught  or scratch our expensive equipment, please.

Casual: $10 per session (cash only)

Class Timetable:


Tuesday 7:30-9:30pm

Thursday 7:30-9:30pm

Beginner adults who attend the structured session can continue to participate in the second half open gym session from 8:30-9:30 supervised by our DGA coaches. 

VENUE: Dunedin Gymnastic Academy 256B Vogel Street gym (behind Rebel Sport opposite Golf shop)