Junior Trampoline

Beginner & Intermediate Programme
Age: 7-12 years
DGA Incentive Award Grade: 1-6
Location: 256B Vogel St


  • Tuesday 3.45-5.15pm - term fees are $169 
  • Saturday 11-12.30pm - term fees are $169 

Learn to bounce! This class teaches the basics of trampoline and  double mini-trampoline, as well as basic trampline safety. The class caters for beginners through to intermediate level athletes. Participants work at their own pace through the  DGA Incentive award badges in trampoline.

Each Term has a different focus:

Term 1: Skill development/DGA Grade 1-4 Incentive Award  Badges

Term 2: DGA Trampoline Incentive Award Badges

Term 3: Ribbon Day Carnival Routines

Term 4: End of year display / DGA Trampoline Incentive Award Badges

Senior Trampoline "Jump, Flip, Fly"

Intermediate & Senior Programme
Age: 13 yrs+
Location: 256B Vogel St

Times: Thursday 6.30-8pm - For term one only this is a 8 week programme with classes starting 21st February, the term fee has been adjusted. 

This class extends on trampoline & mini-tramp skills taught in the junior trampoline class. Participants progress through aerial skills and sequences at their own pace. The class also includes conditioning and floor work. 

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