Team Gym

Team Gym

TeamGym is a popular competitive sport in Europe (for children, teenagers and adults), and is now being developed in New Zealand as a recreational sport.

Click HERE to see a competitive junior level competition Team Gym display, 

Click HERE to see a senior team from Wanganui NZ performing a super fun Team Gym display. We are very lucky to have Bolu and Tessa (who are in this display) available to coach Team Gym at DGA . 

TeamGym combines parts of tumbling, mini tramp vaulting, acrobatic balances and dance to create exciting and fun gymnastic displays.

DGA are offering our very first Team Gym classes this term to expand our recreational class options this year.

The focus of these classes each term will include:

Term 1: Synchronising, teaching gymnasts how to count to music, and learning how to tumble in time with each other, sessions will start with Danish warm ups. 

Term 2: Taking the synchronising skills and applying it to apparatus such as mini tramp and learning acrobatic/cheerleading partner, trio and group balances.

Term 3/4: gymnasts will be working toward Team Gym performances            

Team Gym recreational classes will run on Sundays from 11.15-12.45pm at 6 Otaki Street, fees are $169 per term. 

These classes will be for boys and girls aged 7+ 

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