Recreational Programmes


5 - 8 years old       60 mins       Register Here
Location256B Vogel St

Gym Fun is a flexible, foundation programme developed to introduce children to gymnastics.

  • Suitable for children aged 5-8 of all abilities.
  • Teaches children how to safely roll, handstand, cartwheel and more!
  • Improves balance, strength and flexibility
  • The term fee is $140 (60-min).
  • Class times:  
  • Monday 3.45-4.45 & 5-6pm
  • Tuesday 3.45-4.45 
  • Wednesday 3.45-4.45
  • Thursday 3.45-4.45
  • Friday 3.45-4.45
  • Saturday 9.15-10.15 & 10.30-11.30

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7+ years old       90 mins       Register Here
Location256B Vogel St

Girls and Boys SportsGYM and are the perfect classes for those ready to leave GYMFun. A great chance for children who would like to further develop and extend their skills in Women's or Men’s Artistic Gymnastics at a recreational level (without competing) and for those kids wanting to develop some great skills that are transferrable to other sports; strength, agility, flexibility, landing skills, rolling skills and fitness. Most gymnasts choose to come once or twice a week. 

  • Girls Junior SportGYM classes available for children aged 7+ on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (note Friday is a unisex option) from 5-6.30pm. 
  • Senior SportGYM classes available for children aged 10+ on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 6.30-8pm.
  • Boys SportsGYM develops skills on floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars (p-bars), and horizontal bar and runs Monday 5 - 6.30pm and Friday 5-6.30pm (unisex)
  • The term fee is $173 (90-min).

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Parkour & Mini Ninjas

5+ years old       60-120 mins       Register Here
Location256B Vogel St

Parkour offers a safe, supervised environment for children the chance to learn cool tricks and crazy new skills in the style of free running and parkour.

  • Parkour classes for children aged 5-7 are called Mini Ninjas.These run for 60-minutes. Due to the popularity of Mini Ninjas we have created two new classes for 2021. In addition to Saturday 9.30-10.30 & 11-12-noon we now have Tuesdays 4-5pm and Fridays 4-5pm. 
  • Parkour classes for children 7-9 yrs are 90-minutes and run Tuesday & Thursday 5.15-6.45 and Saturday 10.45-12.15. 
  • Parkour classes for children 10-yrs + are 90-minutes. For children 10-12-yrs we run classes Monday & Friday 5.15-6.45 and Saturday 10.45-12.15.
  • Parkour physically prepares children to perform acrobatic and aerial skills.
  • Parkour teaches movements including vaulting, running, climbing, swinging, and jumping over obstacles.
  • Term fees: $140 for Mini-Ninjas (60-min) and $173 for Parkour (90-min).
  • We offer extension classes in Intermediate and Advanced parkour on a different schedule. To enquire email


5+ years old       90 mins       Register Here
Location256B Vogel St

CheerGYM is our recreational cheerleading programme for girls and boys and is the perfect class for those gymnasts who like to work mostly on tumbling, dance and acrobatics. Gymnasts learn to work together as a team. The class uses the floor area and trampolines. 

  • Mini CheerGYM is for ages 5-9 yrs. The class is Saturday 12-1.30pm. 
  • Senior CheerGYM is for 10-18 yrs. The class is Saturday 1.30-3pm. 
  • The term fee is $173 (90-min).

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Teen Freestyle

13+ years old       120 mins       Register Here
Location256B Vogel St

A structured class where teens can come along and learn a combination of parkour, trampolining, and artistic gymnastics in a supervised, safe, and fun environment.

  • Students will have the chance to use the trampolines, sprung floor, bars, beam, vault, and more!
  • Students will have input into the skills they want to learn
  • Encouraged to track progress with a goal chart that will have some skills chosen by the coach and some chosen by the students, including areas of gymnastics, parkour, free running and trampolining.
  • Teen Free runs on Mondays & Fridays 6.45-8.15.
  • Term fees for once a week, select Monday or Friday, are $173. 
  • Term fees for twice a week, both Monday and Friday, are $208.

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7+ years old       90 mins       Register Here
Location256B Vogel St

Trampolining is a full-body workout! This exciting GymSport is perfect for energetic children who love to jump, bounce, and flip.

  • Classes available for children aged 7+
  • Develops control, strength, and flexibility.
  • Learn skills and routines on trampoline and double-mini
  • Class time: Tuesday 3.45-5.15pm. 
  • The term fee is $173 (90-min).

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A master class for ex-gymnasts       90 mins       Register Here
Location: 6 Otaki St

Once a gymnast, always a gymnast! Even when competitive gym comes to an end, it is still fabulous and advantageous to continue to reap the strength and conditioning benefits of gymnastics for whatever sport you choose to pursue. Whether it is a team sport, athletics, aerobics or a different gym programme, this class will whip you into shape, improve your strength and conditioning, and movement confidence. It's fun, structured and will have you spreading the word to all your friends.

  • GYMFit is run 6.30 - 8pm on Tuesdays at Otaki street gym. 
  • Coached by Carmel Leslie
  • A strong focus on core and strength work.
  • Ample time to work on tumbling and apparatus.
  • The term fee is $173 (90-min).

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