What does GFA Mean?  Gymnastics For All - these programmes are non-competitive or recreational.

What does WAG mean?  Women's Artistic Gymnastics - WAG programs are competitive 

What does MAG mean? Men's Artistic Gymnastics - MAG programs are competitive 

What should my child bring/wear to gymnastic sessions? Suitable clothing that allows free movement like leggings, a singlet/t.shirt and long sleeve top. For the boys shorts or track pants, a t-shirt and long sleeve top. In winter time it is recommend to have extra layers including warm socks, thermal tops (underneath tops) and warm tops as the gym can get cold.  Remember that some competitions are held in old halls like Burt Hall at King Edward Court. If your daughter or son is competing early in the mroning then we advise that you pack a blanket and/or a wheat-bag for them to stay warm. Most competitions however will be warm - our new gym at Otaki St now has a heating system. 

What should my child wear to trampoline lessons? For trampolining gymnasts - you must have socks, long sleeved tops and long pants or leggings. Please ensure pants do not have buckles and tops do not have zips, that can scratch the equipment or get caught. 

Does hair need to be tied nup for gymnastic lessons? All hair that is likely to fall in the face and impede vision must be tied up. 

Does my child need to bring their own drink bottle? Yes - and they need to take it home with them too! 

What is the best program to start in for a young beginner gymnast? The first programme available at Dunedin Gymnastic Academy is Playgym which is for preschoolers from 18 months - 5 years. If you have siblings with a mixture of ages the tumbling tots morning sessions are a good option. We also have more structured sessions for gymnasts aged 3.5-5 years. Parents come onto the gym floor and participate in the session and supervise their own children around the circuit activty set up. For full details on this popular programme and classes available click on the Playgym link HERE For beginner gymnasts aged 5-8 years we have a program called Kiwi Gym Fun - these classes are available throughout the week and on Saturday mornings. Within this program gymnasts learn skills and routines on the vault, bar, beam and floor as well as co-ordination skills involving the rope, ball and hoop. For full details on these classes click on the Kiwi Gym Fun link HERE 

If your gymnast shows an interest in doing competitive gymnastics we have a few programmes available: Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) step programme and the perform programme for female gymnasts, Rhythmic Gymnastics (RG) for female gymnasts, Trampoline (TRA) for females and males and Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) programme for male gymnasts. For more information on the these programmes have a look under "Competitive Programmes" on our home page.

How do I join up for recreational classes and what are the fees?  You must register for all recreational classes each term at Dunedin Gymnastic Academy ideally before the term starts so your child does not miss out as classes are often fully booked by the first week. 

If your child is already in GFA programme do they automatically have a place the followong term? No. You must register each term. Our gym manager will send you an email before the end of the term to give you the link to register again for the class. If you want to change classes then you need to contact the office on  office@dunedingymnastics.co.nz 

What do I do if a class/programme is saying it's full? If a programme is full, your child can go onto a waiting list for the upcoming term.  

What would be a good recreational non competitive option for my teenager who is keen to do gymnastics but has never done it before? Senior Sport Gym for girls aged 10-16yrs, Senior Recraetional Trampoline or Treen Freestyle. You can information about these programmes under "Recreational Programmes" on our home page.  

Do you have classes for adults and how are these sessions run? Classes run on Tuesday or Thursday nights from 7:30-9:30pm at our 256B Vogel Street Gym.Classes involve a 20-30 min warm up for newcomers or anyone who wants to join in. Then basic skills for new people. DGA Coaches are there to help teach any skills you would like to learn otherwise you can do what you like. Coaches are there to supervise the session and give advice where needed.  You will have access to all the gymnastics apparatus plus Double min/ Tumble tramp and Trampoline. 

Where do the recreational programs run? Most recreational programs are run at our 256B Vogel Street gym (behind Rebel Sport) except Playgym and some recreational programmes which are held at our Otaki Street gym (one block down from Bunnings)